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Infection prevention support services

Infection prevention support services


Temporary IP staffing


APIC Consulting can identify a board certified CIC® infection preventionist to provide interim support for your infection prevention and control program.

To lower the costs associated with onsite work, APIC Consulting recommends telework where possible. However, when telework is not appropriate or possible given the scope of work, APIC Consulting can work with you to identify candidates in your general location who have the type of expertise your facility needs.


Infection preventionist mentoring

Do you have a newly hired infection preventionist (IP) at your facility who could benefit from a mentor’s experience in running a successful infection prevention department?

APIC Consulting can connect new IPs with subject matter experts to help answer infection prevention-related questions and assist with guidance toward the department’s strategic goals. The APIC Consultant will provide the IP with much-needed information to help improve practices, and help orient and familiarize staff with the infection prevention department’s roles and responsibilities.

As a benefit to clients, all new IPs receive a membership discount to APIC.


Remote infection prevention support calls

One-on-one or team support calls are available with a CIC® certified consultant for short-term or long-term support.

Whether you are onboarding a new infection preventionist, putting structure on an existing team, or implementing recommendations for improved compliance, it is reassuring to know that high-level consultants are available for one-on-one assistance.  Support calls can be added on to any project, or can be used as a stand-alone service for clients.