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Infection prevention program assessments

Infection prevention program assessments

APIC Consulting performs infection prevention assessments for facilities and/or infection prevention and control departments. This is done to ensure that the facility identifies risks for acquiring and transmitting infections and that it is in compliance with the most current standards, guidelines, and recommendations.

Our consultant(s) will conduct a thorough analysis of your facility or program, including existing infection prevention policies and procedures as needed, to assist the facility in meeting best practices, maintaining quality improvement efforts, and ensuring compliance with federal regulations.

Our recommended solutions—detailed in a written report of findings and recommendations—assist healthcare facilities in understanding the specific items that need to be addressed in order to reduce the risk of infections. Using relevant tools from regulatory, federal, and/or accreditation bodies, APIC Consulting identifies ways for your facility to incorporate evidence-based best practices to decrease the risk of infections.

Types of assessments include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Organizational infection prevention risk assessment
  • Partial or complete facility-wide gap assessment
  • Infection prevention and control department needs assessment
  • Staff assessments, including education and training recommendations for CIC® certification and training
  • Evaluation for IPC program with a new IP or other staff members, which can include mentoring, live or online infection prevention education, one-on-one training of new infection prevention staff, policy/procedure review, and long-distance support.