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Become an APIC Consultant

Become an APIC Consultant today.

Most APIC Consultants work full-time as infection preventionists, directors of infection prevention and control (IPC) departments, or leaders in quality assurance and patient safety.  Other consultants are recently retired from the field or work as full-time or part-time consultants.  To learn more about becoming an APIC Consultant, please contact us.

From our Consultants

“Working as an APIC consultant is fun but also comprises some of the most challenging assignments I’ve experienced personally. Each assignment varies, and the APIC staff tries extremely hard to match the consultant to the task. It is truly an honor to travel nationwide on APIC’s behalf and assist other facilities – acute and non-acute care – to move towards best practice based on the scientific evidence. It is also a role I take seriously in representing APIC, the nation’s premier authority on infection prevention and control. Thank you, APIC Consulting, for your dedication to safe patient care!”
APIC Consultant, RN, BSN, CIC

“I have worked with APIC Consulting for four years and it has been a very positive experience for me. APIC Consulting brings Infection Prevention professionals together to address problems such as sterilization, outbreak investigation, or chart audits to assure the proper reporting of HAIs. An added benefit of our visits is the chance to measure the Infection Prevention program against accepted practice standards. I believe a professional organization should offer education for career advancement as well as be available to provide experienced professionals to assist facilities with major issues. We are fortunate to be members of an organization that meets these needs.”
APIC Consultant, RN, LNC, CIC

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