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Corporate clients

Corporate clients appreciate the specialized niche experience that APIC Consulting provides. Most corporate projects are customized and incorporate one or more of the following scope of work components:


Focus groups, including those related to product development and market research.

Corporate clients frequently need content experts’ feedback as an integral component of product development and market research. APIC Consulting provides expert insight through live individual or panel-style focus groups, or via conference calls.

APIC Consulting identifies consultants with the specific experience, educational background, and expertise to provide the assistance your company needs. Similarly, APIC Consulting offers assistance in survey development or review.


Custom projects

APIC Consulting has developed and delivered customized projects for corporate clients, typically surrounding focus groups, policy manual reviews, and the development of survey questions or other research tools. Corporate clients are encouraged to contact us if they do not see their project listed under any of our existing business lines.


APIC infection prevention education for non-clinicians (live or online)

When it comes to infection prevention education and training, APIC and APIC Consulting provide the gold standard. Customized live or web-based training is available with CNE units. Capabilities include:

  • Customized live courses on a specific topic. Courses can be tailored to audience and feature basic infection prevention content, more advanced general infection prevention content, or topics of interest.
  • APIC’s online EPI Primer course for non-clinical business executives. The Education for the Prevention of Infection (EPI®) Primer course is an orientation program to provide professionals new to infection prevention with a fundamental foundation. Content areas include surveillance, epidemiology, microbiology, the business case for facility assessments, and more.
  • Webinar or webinar series. Webinars or a webinar series(typically 3-6 webinars) can be developed and delivered as a web-based learning option. Webinars feature content tailored to the specific audience needs.